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So, what are you waiting for?

Group teammates together in rooms based on who needs to collaborate with whom, eliminating the need for an overload of communication channels.

Work side-by-side in real time

Bring your teammates into a Sococo collaboration session—communicate face-to-face, share your screen, and dig into projects in real time. Click “Get” and ask your colleagues to join you right now, or knock on the door to get a quick answer. 

Consolidate your communication

Collaborate Instantly

Need to touch base with everyone in the room? Every time you enter a room, a chat window is automatically generated that connects all of your teammates currently working in that space. Ask a question, get a meeting started, or just say “hi” instantly.

See who’s in a meeting and who’s talking to whom at a glance - just follow the blinking avatars in your workplace map to stay informed on what’s happening in actual time. Start a chat easily by clicking on a teammate’s avatar.

See who’s available

“We love the ability to have a meeting whenever, because you’re not as stuck to people being in the office to have a meeting. We’ll sometimes even have a meeting when people are on the airplane. The connection is so good that we can actually connect in from Wi-Fi on a plane. And that then becomes that person’s remote office for that day.”

What Customers are Saying

Péricles Maranhão Neto
Senior Analyst Safety Data

Have a sense of presence in your online office from anywhere in the world.

Transition to an “in-person” meeting with video, audio and screen share at the touch of a button.

Work side-by-side with your distributed team from anywhere in the world.

See your teammates at work in real time in the Sococo map.