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Bring your distributed team to work in Sococo for six months and get one month on us!

Work side-by-side

Whether your teammates are in a different time zone or merely the next office over, you can work together at a virtual table within your Sococo Office just like you would if you were co-located.


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Bring your dispersed teams to work in Sococo

Sococo brings remote teams and remote workers together in a virtual office environment that has the same feel and productivity as a physical office.

Collaborate spontaneously

No reason to ask “Are you available?” or say “I’ll send you a link to meet up.” Click “Get” and ask your colleague to join you right now. Knock on the door to ask a quick question. Drop in, say hi, grab a room and get to work.

See work happen

With Sococo, you’ll see your colleagues’ avatars and faces, know what they’re up to, and get responses right away, so you can stay informed on what’s happening in actual time.

What People Are Saying About Sococo

"As a fully distributed team, Sococo has become both a vital enabler of productivity and a fun part of our company culture."


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“The ability to instantly contact anyone [in Sococo] regardless of their location has resulted in increased communication and a true team mentality. Businesses looking to keep their remote workforces connected need look no further than Sococo.”


Arche Information Japan

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